Go with the flow and be happy…

I think we all want to be happy, peaceful, contented and enjoying our lives. Is this true for you?

However, there’s no such thing as a perfect life.  Within every moment there are compromises.  There are things that you can value and things that you can complain about.  There is no perfect location to live, there is no perfect relationship, there is no perfect job – everything has its compromises. Social media perpetuates this idyllic myth by offering us snapshots of peoples lives generally only when they are having a good time.  This can make us feel even more that our lives are just mediocre at least and downright miserable at worst.

You may live in a house you love in a peaceful countryside location, but this has the compromise of needing to travel frequently by car to get to work, or to the shops, or into town.  Or you may at some point not be able to drive and you then become dependent on others for lifts or a poor public transport system.

Or you may live in the city where you work which is great for the commute but you then don’t sometimes feel that you get enough views, or greenery or peace and quiet of the countryside or the beach.

You may be in a great relationship but with even the best relationships there are compromises – you need to give time and energy to any relationship which takes your time and energy away from other pursuits, hobbies and friendships.

Or you might be single which you are happy with as you are in control of your own space and you like your own company but there may be the odd moment or many moments where you would like to have a companion to share things with and at times you may feel lonely.

You can’t experience the beauty and warmth of a log fire unless it is cold outside.

There’s no such thing as a perfect family.  Daily chores, getting children ready for school, emotional meltdowns, moments of joy and celebration, preparing dinner day after day, arguments, oversleeping and being late, winning a match at the local football, disagreeing over what film to watch – these are the things that make up family life.

You might be in a job that you love but it is too long a commute, or it doesn’t pay enough money, but you love your work colleagues and the daily work you do.

Within any moment there are things to be grateful for and there are compromises.

Nobody has a perfect life. The grass is never greener on the other side. Dispel this myth from your life now!

Even in your moments of perfection in your life, for example, sunning yourself on a beach with a good book and a good friend, even within this moment, there is the knowledge that this moment will pass and you will move onto the next moment which may not be so idyllic and which may be quite fraught.  This could be due to a change in external circumstance – for example, a disagreement with a fellow beach goer; or indeed a negative or challenging thought in your head that makes you feel anxious or angry and disturbs this previously idyllic experience you were having.

This is life.  This is what all human beings experience.

Don’t spend your whole life chasing the perfect dream as you won’t achieve it because it doesn’t exist. Life is played out in moment by moment experiences which all have a positive and a negative aspect.

However, what you can do, is to focus your time and energy on your internal well-being, your desire for inner peace, calm, contentment and happiness; by doing things that bring more of these internal feelings into your life. Prioritise doing the things that give you this feeling of inner peace, calm and contentment.  This could be aerobic exercise, walking the dog, relaxing exercise like yoga, meditation, reading a good book, gardening, being creative.

You can also develop a feeling of acceptance for how things are in each present moment – the good and the bad.  This can help you let go of your desire for things to be different, and maybe your perception that you can only be happy when things are different.

You can experience an inner utopia by learning to go with the flow of life, by being flexible with your external circumstances, your challenges, by recognising the duality in any moment of life and by recognising and relishing the moments of perfection that you will experience.

‘Happiness will come and go, and sadness will come and go, but you can find balance in accepting things as they come’  Lupita Nyong’o


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