Follow your heart?

Follow your heart!  But is that a sensible thing to do?

The spiritual books and texts always guide and encourage us to follow our hearts.  If there is something we want to know more about or we have a question, we are told, become quiet, tune into your heart energy and listen to its guidance.  Do what you really enjoy.  If you really followed your heart, you would be doing what you love – all the time.  Or at least your attitude to the things you don’t enjoy as much will be changed, can be changed with inner contentment and mindfulness.

But is this a sensible thing to do?

Would we want to get up and go to work in the morning?  Probably not if we didn’t like our job.

What would you be doing today?  If you truly tuned in and listened to what your heart told you to do?

If you had enough money that you didn’t need to work for a year – what would you do?

If you couldn’t fail to succeed what would you be doing?

If you truly loved and valued yourself and your short time on this planet, what would you be doing?

If you were told you had a week to live, what would you be doing?

A lot of people don’t allow themselves to ask this question of themselves.  It can bring up confusion, frustration, anger, upset.

Following our heart’s guidance can be so pleasurable.  All we have to do is ask ourselves, what do I really feel passionate about doing with my life?  And what actions could I take today to move in that direction?  If you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like a job.

But really asking yourself that question – if I could do anything, what would I want to do with my life?  This can be challenging.  Because once we hear what it is, it is hard to not respond and work out what we need to do next.  This is where we get quiet and ask our heart – with this aim in mind, what would I love to do right now?  What you then think of doing, should feel really good to you – you should feel excited about doing it and wanting to jump out of your chair now and get started.  That would indicate that it is coming from your energetic, passionate higher self, that is all-knowing and wise, with your highest good in mind, and knowing the higher purpose of your life.

It is surprising how many of your shadow traits/your negative feelings, thoughts and past-conditioned beliefs come up when you do what you really want to do every day.

Frequently we have issues with self-worth, self-esteem.  Am I valuable member of society?  Am I doing enough?  Am I earning enough?  Is feeling happy and calm worthwhile enough?  Is developing my meditation practise and becoming more mindful, contented, compassionate, kind and patient enough?  Shouldn’t I be going out there and working on building up my career, earning as much money as I can, upgrading my car and moving up the property ladder, and paying more into my pension so that when I retire from this job I have been tolerating for 40 years, I can relax and do what I REALLY want to do. (assuming I have my health, energy, passion still)

It takes courage.  It takes a huge amount of courage, to step off the “normal” and “recommended” path consciously.  A lot of us do it unconsciously, for one reason or another – either through a traumatic life experience, or poor health or we just “don’t fit in”.  And then we are forced to find another way.  But following our heart means stepping into our powerful shoes.  Empowering ourselves.  And then opening ourselves up to criticism and judgement.  I have observed many times, with famous people, when they first start out, we wish talented people well – aren’t they amazing etc, haven’t they done well, isn’t that good – and then there comes a tipping point – well now they have too much money, or they think they’re too good, or they’ve become too confident and we criticise them and hope they fall from the pedestal we have just put them on.  You especially see this in the music industry.  It appears to be a cruel fact of (western) life, that anyone that puts themselves out there, even if they are doing it from a really kind, caring place, is opening themselves up to ridicule, criticism and judgement.  I even hear criticism about the Dalai Lama!!  His main message to the world is to let’s all be more loving to ourselves and each other and the planet.  Where’s the harm in that?

So be brave.  Become the powerful creator in your life.  Follow your dreams.  Get support – surround yourself with loving, supportive friends and family.  Become who you are.  Take that step.  Be true to yourself.  Listen to the inner you, your higher self, the part of you that can see the bigger picture of your life.  Imagine this is all a dream, a play.  Embrace the adventure of life – enjoy the ups and downs – that is life.  Focus on your spiritual evolution because that’s where the real joy comes.

“Open your eyes for this world is only a dream” Rumi