Don’t put off living your life…

Don’t put off living your life to the future.  Don’t live as though you have loads of years left ahead of you.  Not everyone makes old age or retirement.  I know these are uncertain times that we are living in, but times are always uncertain.  We never know what’s around the corner, we just tell ourselves that we do.  We feel better then, feeling like we can plan and we are in control.

Don’t live life full of regrets, making do and putting up with.  Live for now.  The present moment is all there is.  Live for today, this week, this month, this year, this moment.  Dance in the rain, sing in the shower,  tell your family and friends you love them, resolve conflicts as quickly as possible, don’t harbour resentments, bitterness and regret.

Focus on your blessings, be grateful, savour each moment fully.  Appreciate the good that you currently have.  Value your current life experiences – the perceived good and bad.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience” Eleanor Roosevelt


Don’t forget to shine your light, to express your authentic self.  Follow your dreams and do what you love.  Be who you want to be.  Let go of your fears of failure, ridicule, judgment and of what others may think.  Don’t miss your opportunities to blossom, grow and expand.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose and to do it courageously” Steve Maraboli

Extract from my book: “YES YOU CAN create a life you love”

“Be yourself, your authentic self. Confidence comes from connecting within to your inner self, from knowing that when you follow your inner guidance, you are connecting with your true self. Sometimes this challenges other people, and sometimes it inspires them, but their experience of you is outside your realm of control. When people judge you, it is a reflection of what they are experiencing inside themselves, not a reflection of who you are.

Try to surround yourself with people who know you are good, kind and compassionate, who recognise your self-worth and love you unconditionally for who you are, not what you do. This sort of support network is of vital importance. You can protect yourself energetically with a visualisation where you imagine yourself being surrounded by protective white light energy. You can also regularly cleanse your energy field and aura through energy cleansing or chakra cleansing meditations.

It’s up to you if you choose whether or not to believe negative things people may say about you. You will never get everyone to like your way of life, beliefs and work. As human beings, we are all individuals with unique tastes and preferences.

‘What’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think – or letting go of how I feel, what I believe, and who I am’ Brene Brown, author.”