Do you work with affirmations? A “How To” guide:

Working with affirmations:
Affirmations can be a really powerful tool to work with when you’re looking to invite changes into your life.  

When you are sitting with your vision board/visualisation (that we have discussed in previous blogs) or you have written your dream down in a beautiful journal; or you have created a beautiful collage with magazine cuttings/pictures and you are starting to work with this visualisation a few minutes each day; maybe you have started sharing this vision with a friend or others and you are getting yourself some support with your dream manifestation.  
Working with affirmations can then really help support this work and move it on.

So, take yourself to this dream scenario/vision, and imagine that you are already living this life, what would you beliefs have to be if you were already living this dream life?  Sit with this for a few moments.  Start writing down these beliefs, in the present tense. 

For example:
I am loved
I am supported
I am wealthy
I am abundant
I am living in my dream house
I am living with my ideal partner,
I am surrounded with love and support
I am vibrating with perfect health
I am happy
I am vibrant
I am alive and enjoying life
I am in my dream job.  I am supported and acknowledged at work.

Start writing all these beliefs down.  Ideally start the affirmation with I am.  Use the present tense.  Maybe start putting them around your house.  

One of the ways of working with affirmations is when you say “I am wealthy” for example, then notice your negative thoughts and feelings that come up when you say it.  So if you say “I am vibrating with perfect health” – what thoughts then follow that – it might be
“oh but I’m not really”  “My back hurts”  ” I have got arthritis” “I am in pain.” 
Write these negative thoughts down, write them down and release them.  Ask your higher self to transmute this negativity, to help you release these beliefs that are no longer serving us.  Let go of these negative thoughts.  Because if you want to create this vibrant health, or these perfect finances, or this ideal job, we need to let go of our negative thought patterns and beliefs around it, because the universe doesn’t give back to us what we think, it gives back to us what we believe.

So we can be saying/repeating “I am a wealthy person” but in our heads believing that we are not, that we are in fact poor.  

You could start by saying “I am choosing to allow wealth into my life”  This might feel more believable.  Go back to an affirmation that you can believe and that you can start to work with.  “I am intending to attract more money into my life.”  “I am starting to believe that I can become more wealthy.”
I am intending to be vibrantly healthy.  I am asking for guidance and diving inspiration for  ideas that help me in achieving perfect health.

Its really important to release the negative, don’t ignore it, if it’s there, we need to bring it to our awareness to be able to observe it and release it and to start choosing to believing more supportive thoughts.

I am choosing to believe that anything is possible.
I am intending to start to believe that there are other ways of attracting what I want into my life.

Buddha  ” We are a result of all we have thought”

When you are working with these affirmations and your visualisation of your dream, don’t sit around wondering how you are going to create this new life.  Don’t get into your intellectual rational logical brain about how things are going to change.  
Just give this information about your new thoughts and beliefs to the universe and watch it return and reflect back to you, what you are thinking about and creating.  Hand it over.  This is what I want, I am changing my thought pattern, I am raising my energetic field to receive more of what I want into my life and then wait to see what the universe gives back to you. 

See what new people and situations come into your life.  The conversations you overhear or have with others.  The books you happen to start reading.  The tv programs you are drawn to watch.  Notice the divine symbols and inspired guidance that is coming your way.  Listen to your inner voice.  Act on any intuitive thoughts and feelings you have.  Follow any divinely inspired ideas that come to you.
Start looking out for divine signs and inspiration!  Enjoy the journey!

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