Do you want to create changes in your life? Moving forward and using your imagination.

After you have spent some time getting really clear and visualising what you do want in your life (see previous blog “Do you want change in your life?  How to gain clarity?”) –  Maybe you’ve created a vision board, put the vision board on a wall in your house, or on your fridge, somewhere where you see it every day.  And every time you see it, add some more energy to it.  Maybe get clearer about some aspects on it.  Maybe refine it slightly, or add an extra word or two.
Then create another quiet moment in sacred space for yourself, either sitting quietly somewhere in nature – the beach or the woods or a park, or a lovely room in your house/a warm candlelit bath, or your garden.  Then focus back on that visualisation/vision board you have worked on; what you really want to create in your life.  Now really start working with your imagination.  
So you’ve got this vision of where you want to go – maybe its a new job, or a new house, or a new partner, maybe its improved finances, maybe its a better sense of well-being, better health.  Then really visualise yourself as if you are already living that.
For example,  if it’s better health you want – say you have digestive troubles, or you are living with pain, chances are your vision is about you being pain-free, you don’t want to live with pain anymore, pain is very challenging, you want to live with ease, with vibrant health.  Really visualise yourself moving well, your body is so comfortable to live in, you being able to do all the things you want to do with your physical body which is so comfortable and easy.  Visualise yourself sleeping well, eating well, you’re attracted to the right sort of foods for you.  You are attracted to the right sort of exercise for you and motivated to do it because your body loves to move and is so flexible and mobile.  Really visualise yourself being like that.
Or maybe it is a house you want to live in, or maybe its the new job you want to be in, really visualise yourself being in that place.  
And when you have really got that image, that vision in your head, really imagine yourself being in that scenario right now.  Right now.  Really imagine that.  Let your imagination go wild and free.  Really go with it.  
And then ask yourself the question – if this was my current life, what beliefs would I have to have about my life for this to be true?
So if its about a house, visualise this house in this perfect location for you, and just say:
I am living in this beautiful, ideal location
The house I live in perfectly suits all my needs and desires
I can easily afford this house.
Or this body of mine:
I am comfortable in this body.
I am vibrating with incredible health.
I feel alive.
I feel well.
Write some of these things down.  What would your beliefs be about your life, your health,  if you were living your ideal dream life scenario.
I am happy.  I am peaceful.  I am passionate.  I feel alive.  I am excited by life.  All of these things.  What are your beliefs?
By doing this exercise, this really helps you keep the focus on what you do want in your life.  The law of attraction gives back to you what you focus your energy on.  So the more time you spend, the more passion you put in to visualising and imagining, feeling those feelings of living that dream life scenario, the closer it comes, the more real it feels.  Our subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.  It returns to us, what we think about regularly and frequently with passion and belief.
Try it, do this for a month, do it as an experiment.  See if things start to change in your life.  
I really like the idea of the 30 day diet – break your negative thought patterns/focus on what you do want/visualise and imagine/put your energy into your feelings of what it would feel like to have this dream life.  Do it as an experiment and see what starts to change for you.  For 30 days, imagine your dream life scenario for 10-15 minutes daily and give no energy or attention to any negative situations in your life/complaining.  Only give your energy and attention and focus and passion to the dream life scenario you are heading towards.
Watch what comes into your life, notice any ideas/hunches/divine inspiration comes to you.  Notice coincidences and synchronicities.  Start taking any divinely inspired action that comes to you.  Start with small changes daily.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao Tzu

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