Do you want change in your life? How do you gain clarity?

So you want some change in your life? You want something to be different in your life?  You would like at least one aspect of your life to be different for you?  Is it a relationship, your health, your finances, a job, is it where you live?  
How clear are you about what change you want in your life?  You can only create the change you want in your life by focusing on what you want.  Do you know what you really want?  If you give vague messages to the universe about possibly wanting something to be different/better, the universe has no clarity.  Do you spend all of your time complaining about how your life is right now and how it isn’t right for you?
For the universe to be able to give back to you what you want, you have to tell it really clearly what you want.  Don’t tell it what you don’t want, because it doesn’t hear the negative.  It only responds to the amount of energy you are putting into something.  So the more energy you are putting into complaining about what is happening in your life and how fed up your are with it, the more energy you are putting into that situation being a presence in your life.  
The way to create and to invite the change you want to see, is by focusing your energy on that , with passion and vigour and enthusiasm.  
It is well worth spending a fair amount of time on getting clear about what you want.
Maybe go to a quiet place in nature, sitting on a beach, in some woodland, in a large parkland, sitting in your garden, or sitting in a lovely room in your house, or a hot bath quietly.  Maybe burn some candles and/or some incense and just really give yourself that time to really focus on what you do want in your life.  Don’t get too much into over-thinking in your head.  Allow your divine inspiration to come to you in your daydreaming, you night dreaming, your sudden flashes of inspiration.  Maybe if you paint or draw, or create with your hands, you might gain clarity while working in this way.
The only time to that it is useful to notice what you don’t want is to allow yourself to have the contrast which can then give you more clarity about what you do want.
For example, if you dislike your job, or your colleagues, or your manager , or you don’t think you’re paid enough and you find yourself complaining about this a lot, the more energy you put into complaining, even if you change your job, you will keep getting more to complain about in your new job.  So observe this negativity as a piece of information but dont give any more of your energy to it.
If for example you don’t get on with your manager, to manifest a good manager, write down what qualities you would like in a manager, your ideal manager would probably be one that supports you, that acknowledges you, that recognises what good work you do, who gives you stimulating work appropriate to your age and skill set and experience and financially remunerates you appropriately too.
Notice the aspects in your current job which you don’t like, to enable you to gain clarity on what you do want.  Write down what you want, create yourself a vision board, use pictures/words from magazines, cut them out, stick them on.  Use colours, painting, words.
And/or write a journal, start jotting down your thoughts and ideas.
Do something every day, refine these ideas, what is the essence of what you want to see in your life?  
It is important to have a daily practice.  To create movement and change, start doing something daily in the direction of your dreams.  I can’t emphasise this enough.  Sometimes the bigger picture can be overwhelming so just start with what you can do today.  Who knows where this may lead?  But it does definitely create movement and with movement comes change.
If its a new house you want to manifest, you might not know exactly how this house will look, but what qualities do you want to get from this new house?  What will living in this new place bring to your life?  Do you want space, light, lovely neighbours, parking?  Write down what you do know you want from this new house.
Only give energy to what you do want.  When you notice your mind start wandering and starting to go back to that complaining, as soon as you notice you are doing this, don’t give any more energy to that.  Keep the focus on what you do want.  Distract yourself if you need to, but whatever you do, stop giving energy to the negative.  
If you want change , you have got to start doing things differently, regularly and frequently, however small.

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