Do you suffer from health anxiety?

Maybe you have one or more physical conditions or symptoms that are really bothering or worrying you.  Maybe you are experiencing pain or an itchy skin condition that is very distracting.  Lots of our physical conditions can draw our full time attention to them, then can become a central feature in our life.  In my clinical practice, I am noticing this pandemic seems to have triggered more cases of health anxiety.  Maybe people are tuning into their physical symptoms more and wondering if they may develop into something.  Certainly if you are already fearful of your poor health, experiencing poor health, or low immunity or have a strong fear of dying, then this pandemic won’t be helping.

One of the fundamental laws of the universe is: What you focus on expands.  So where you are putting your attention becomes a bigger feature in your life – and draws other similar thoughts/people and situations to it that expand this feeling further.  Where your energy field is resonating – it magnetically attracts similar experiences to itself.  And the stronger you feel emotionally about something – the stronger the pull and attraction point.

Have you ever noticed that when you are considering buying a new car, or you’ve just bought a new car, that you then start noticing the same brand and model everywhere you go?  That’s just one small example of what you focus on expands.

If you are suffering from health anxiety there are two suggestions I have:

  1. Stop giving any more attention to your symptoms.  Take your energy and focus away from them.   Now I’m not saying to ignore them.  You may definitely need to manage them and take your medication/attend your appointments etc.  But stop talking about your condition to your friends and family, stop negatively overthinking and catastrophizing and googling your symptoms.  Talk to your GP, consultant and any other healthcare practitioner, manage your symptoms and then use the rest of your energy for other things in your life – things that you would like to see more of.
  2. Think positively about the other parts of your physical body that are working well. This may be your eyesight, your hearing, your fingers, hands and arms that enable you to do so much, your legs, feet and toes that enable you to walk places you love, your digestive system, your life-giving breath etc

Discipline yourself to only talk positively about your body.  Try these things and I believe they will have a hugely positive impact on your overall health and well-being and maybe with time, your physical conditions.

Let me know how you get on.