Do you experience anxiety? Some ideas for working with shifting anxiety…….

So I work up this morning feeling anxious.  Why?  No particular reason!  Nothing is different from yesterday, except today I have an anxious feeling in my stomach area and my mind is looking around for things for me to worry about.  I think the term is “free-floating anxiety.”
Was there a conversation that I had yesterday that unsettled or upset me a bit but not enough that I was aware at the time?  Did I have a dream that led to me waking up feeling anxious?
Is it the change in season, the turning in of autumn.  Will I survive the long winter emotionally?
Now that I am feeling anxious, I notice that little things are troubling me today.  I am looking to misinterpret text messages and emails.  My confidence has dropped.  My motivation levels have dropped.  Wow!  What a difference a day makes.  
Yesterday, I was feeling energised, motivated, confident.  Like I knew what I was doing with my life!  Ha!  Not now!
Im sharing this, because I know I am not alone.  This is a common experience, especially amongst women.
So, what to do?  Shall I feed this anxiety, look around for things to worry about, watch the news and feel anxious about the state of the world?  Shall I have irritable conversations with people today?  Shall I lie on the sofa and watch trash tv so I don’t have to deal with it?
There is a part of me that wants to do all of those things.
But fortunately today, there is a bigger part of me, that wants to change how I deal with my anxiety.  I am choosing to let go of my anxiety.
I recognise that all feelings/emotions are transient.  They will all pass.  One of my meditation practices is imagining that all my thoughts and feelings are passing across my mind on a conveyor belt.  Occasionally, I see one that I decide to believe.  Today, it was “I am anxious.  I am little.  I am unempowered.  I am vulnerable etc”
  So I have decided to put those ones back on the conveyor belt and pick up another thought/affirmation.  “I am safe.”  And another – “I am confident” and another “I am empowered; I am motivated; I am alive and vibrating with energy; I am passionate; I am loved; I am supported by the universe.”  Each time I pick another thought, I feel slightly stronger.  
Each time I add to my anxiety by feeding it with another anxious thought, I feel slightly weaker.
So affirmations work for me.  This does need a bit of time and attention.  But I can do it while I’m doing other jobs, walking to work, loading the dishwasher, preparing food etc
Other things that work for me – physical exercise, it quietens my mind.  Especially quiet repetitive exercise like swimming, walking, running.
I also find that doing a chakra clearing meditation (I have one recorded that will be for sale on my website very soon but I can email it to you beforehand if you would like – contact me for more details).
The last thing I would highly recommend, is to be loving with yourself.  Maybe run yourself a nice hot aromatherapy bath; or have an early night with a hot water bottle; or have a quiet night in, listening to some uplifting (not melancholic) music; or going to a yoga/meditation class; or to watch an uplifting (not depressing/thrilling/horror) film.
These techniques can be used for any other emotion that you might be working with – eg anger, sadness.
Hope this helps – would love to hear about any other techniques that you might use!