Develop a life-changing gratitude practice today!

I can’t over emphasise the importance of gratitude!  It has been the single most important life-changing activity I have ever undertaken!!!

This practice is about looking around you and noticing everything that you currently have in your life that you feel thankful for.  Gratitude is a powerful and effective way of changing your energy field; the thoughts and intentions you are giving to the universe.  It can powerfully change your attitude and perceptions about your life.  And it can significantly shift the experiences that are coming back to you and your energy field.

What you focus on expands.  When you start to notice what you are grateful for; when you look around and notice your abundance (however seemingly small you feel it is) and express thanks for that; by focusing on what is going well for you in your life, you are attracting more of the same – more good and abundance; more of the things that you feel grateful for will be attracted into your life.

When you are in the process of intending to create positive changes in your life, this activity helps you to shift your energy today – to notice how blessed and abundant you are, whilst you are still keeping your energy and intention focussed on what changes you are creating – and this is the key.  Enjoy your present moment as much as possible – this will be the main thing that draws more of what you want towards you.

“Be grateful for what you have, while waiting for what you want” – Helen Keller.

Try it for yourself – start today!