Creativity block? What to do next?

So this week I decided to put aside time today to do some writing.  There are lots of ideas of things I have been feeling inspired to write about for the last few weeks but have not had enough time to sit and get pen to paper (or fingers to laptop as it is for me).

So I sit down to write today and my mind has gone blank.  I cant think of anything to say!  I can think of many other things I can do right now that will delay my laptop opening!  Maybe I’m starting to feel hungry.  Maybe I’m tired and need to lie down and read a book or turn the tv on and catch something I missed yesterday.  Shall I call a friend?  Shall I go back on facebook/instagram/recheck my emails?

It’s ok.  This will pass.  This is part of the inconvenience of wanting to be more creative.  My inspiration comes at inconvenient times.  But I can make a commitment to access and channel this creativity when it does arise – this might mean, staying up late (I often feel inspired just as I’m falling asleep) or getting up in the early hours and doing some writing.  I think this is a creativity happy hour – 4/5am!  I hear this so often.  That people wake up and their mind is full.  Often getting up and writing it down can really help.

But what I’m going to do today is:

  1.  Change something.  I’m not going to just sit and give myself a hard time for not feeling creative right now!
  2. Not berate myself/punish myself or judge myself for not feeling inspired at the right time.
  3. Some physical exercise – as I know this often wakes my energy field up – physically and spiritually.  And if while I’m exercising – some ideas come to me – I can record them into my phone and transcript them later.
  4. I’m going to shift my physical body – movement physically can create movement mentally – putting on some great music and having a dance around the kitchen?  Or putting on some great music and having a singalong – these can all work at times.  I know its weird, but I also find hoovering quite energy changing – and useful!!!
  5. Do I need to eat something to give me nourishment? Rest a bit? Read a book?
  6. If still nothing comes to me, I will accept that and put it to bed for today.  And remain open to when it returns – and have my notebook handy.