Create yourself a mood-boosters list…

We have just passed the point of the Autumn Equinox. A time where the earth is in balance. A time to reflect upon how much balance you have in your life. Is there something you could be doing more of, or less of to achieve better balance?  It is also a time to appreciate the abundance the earth offers us and notice the abundance in our lives by practising gratitude.

Once we pass the equinox, we start to notice the days getting shorter, the nights getting longer, the cold increasing, the darkness drawing in, and with this we experience an energetic turning within.  Some of us love this time of year and relish in the log fires, the fallen leaves and the woodland walks.  However, for others,this can be a difficult time, and you may notice your mood start to drop.  It can be a great idea to have some things that you can fall back on that you know will help you feel better.

“I highly recommend you create yourself a ‘mood boosters’ list. This is a list of things that will help to make you feel happier, more positive and more energised. It would be great to have a variety of things that you could do at different times.

When you feel your energy dip, physically, mentally or emotionally, it is useful to shift your mood as soon as you are able, by acting upon one or more of the things on your list. Generally, when you aren’t feeling well or happy, you won’t be magnetising strong, positive energy, creativity and abundance and your downward energy can spiral and feel out of control.

Some common mood-boosting activities are in the following list:

  • Rest and relaxation.
  • Calming physical exercise: yoga, tai chi, qi gong, Feldenkrais.
  • Cardiovascular exercise: running, swimming, cycling, going to the gym, Zumba etc.
  • Communing with nature: being in woodland, beside the sea, walking in the park or countryside.
  • Connecting with pets: dog walking, cuddling the cat, horse riding, visiting and animal sanctuary.
  • Enjoying a long hot bath, possibly with essential oils.
  • Spending fun time with friends or family.
  • Taking quiet time alone.
  • You may find it helpful to listen to some of my guided meditations again, available for free at
  • Laughter: with friends, watching comedy on television, live comedy, romantic comedy films – there are many well-researched benefits to the healing power of laughter.
  • Receiving a healing treatment: massage, reflexology, acupuncture etc.
  • Focusing on and expressing gratitude.
  • Listening to music – upbeat, calming or spiritual.
  • Cooking or baking.
  • Dates with your partner, for example romantic meals.
  • Walking barefoot on grass or sand.
  • Reading uplifting, positive, spiritual or motivational books.
  • Eating out.
  • Getting out in the sunshine when there is some and soaking up some vitamin D.
  • Going on holiday.
  • Looking at photos of your family or loved ones.
  • Bringing to mind some happy memories.
  • Burning candles or incense.
  • Sitting in front of a log fire, with a hot chocolate and watching a good film.

Refer back to this list and take action whenever you need to elevate your mood.”

Excerpt from my book YES YOU CAN create a life you love.

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