Choose to be happy each day!

Choose Happiness

We are spiritual beings, currently choosing to learn our growth lessons in a physical body on the earth plane.  We can choose how we live our earthly life.  Don’t sit around waiting for something to change for you to start feeling happier.  We can choose to feel happy each and every day.  There is much support and many books* teaching us how to change our perception of our everyday life right now, to enable us to choose to feel happier, more contented, more fulfilled.  We can experience our “heaven on earth” right now, by changing the way we view our world.

You can choose if you wish to see this earth life you are living as beautiful and divine and offering you everything you need for your spiritual evolution.  Our challenges and our setbacks are offering us experiences to change our way of thinking.  And when we truly change and learn, we no longer need to keep experiencing those particular challenges.

“Heaven and hell are not places.  They are states of consciousness”  Buddha

If you feel jealous of another person – what you perceive about that person – use this as an indicator of certain changes you would like in your life, feel inspired by what you feel they have that you would like also.  However, try not to project onto another that just because you see they have something in their life that you would like – that you think they are much happier internally than you.  The grass is never greener – it is just a different shade of green – we all have our challenges and we all have much to be thankful for. Don’t waste any energy being resentful or jealous of another person – we all start from a different place and we all have different experiences and different learning paths to walk along.  Take what you need from observing this jealousy and then remind yourself about your particular positive qualities and inspirations.

It’s what we choose to do with these thoughts and feelings that is so important.  We have to choose to be happy.  Happiness and gratitude are a possibility for all of us – in fact they are a necessity.  That is why we are here.

And its ok to feel happy!  Its ok to be having a good day/week/month.  Give yourself permission to be happy and enjoying your life!  That is actually what we are aiming for, but we can be so used to not feeling that way, that when it does start coming to us, we sometimes don’t trust it, or simply don’t allow ourselves to open up to really feel it and revel in it.  We can be so good at wallowing in our upset/frustration/anxiety/anger – but not so good at relishing our good times – (think pig in muddy puddle!!!).  We do want to be happy, and we also want others to be happy.  So sometimes when life is working well for us, when we are starting to flow, to get on track, feel like we are living our life purpose – we can feel guilty about those feelings and/or about others suffering.  It is very upsetting that there are so many human beings on this planet that are suffering.  But we can help them better when we are coming from a place of feeling empowered and abundant, compassionate and generous.


*Book recommendations –

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama

Choosing Happier by Jem Friar;

Happy by Fearne Cotton

“Do what you love and

Transform your Life”

12 week online course