Can you enjoy your life more?

One of the most effective ways to increase the enjoyment of your life is to start appreciating and enjoying the small things.  Savouring the taste of your food, embracing the bird song, welcoming sweet fragrances of flowers, feeling thankful for your eyes that let you see the sunsets, your ears that allow you to hear music that lifts your heart, your legs that walk you in beautiful scenery.

And expanding your awareness out to remind yourself of all the people that you do and don’t know that have orchestrated so much of what you enjoy.  The farmers, haulage companies, supermarket workers that have enabled you to relish the sweet apple you are eating, the workers and decorators that have built the house that you live in, the sun, rain and earth that has produced cotton, which has been picked and sewn into lovely clothes for you to wear.

Focusing on these small things is just a change of perception, and can lead to a deeper underlying sense of deep inner contentment and happiness.