Become a peace warrior

I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on the huge waves of change, uncertainty and fear that are sweeping across the planet.  I have been noticing how emotions and thoughts have been passing through my mind and body too.  This pandemic is tapping into our deep primal fears: Are we going to survive?  Will I die or will my loved ones die?  Will I experience financial ruin?  What is to become of me and my life?  Will my loved ones get back safely from far-flung destinations? etc. These deep, deep fears seem to have triggered everyone that I have met this last week, to a greater or lesser extent.

Personally, when I have previously experience a situation or circumstance that I perceive at the time as negative, if I look for it, I can also find the positive. I have been enjoying hearing that people are also noticing positive aspects to this uncertain situation that is unfolding.  People seem to be experiencing more peace in some ways – the peace that comes from not commuting, or not being able to work at all; less noise from cars and aeroplanes overhead.  Communities are getting together (virtually) and connecting with people in so many ways.  People are checking on their neighbours.  People are connecting with their compassion for the vulnerable members of our society and taking measures to protect them.  This is great!  So often, we are focused on just what we and our immediate family needs are.

Environmentally, there are positive changes emerging.  There are reports each day about the positive effects on the climate – the images over Wuhan in China of lowered pollution, the report that the waters in Venice are now considered to be the cleanest in 60 years etc  The earth seems to be getting some breathing space.

I hope and trust that what will come out of this will be good for humanity and the planet.  Great changes have been needed on this planet for a while and maybe this dire situation we find ourselves in will help us to rethink the direction we are heading.  Human beings are very resourceful, resilient, compassionate, kind and loving at heart.  We can look after each other, the planet we live on and all the creatures that we share it with.

Human beings don’t generally like change or feeling out of control and this virus, and the way it is being reported in the media is triggering great and deep fear.  Acknowledge how this situation is making you feel.  It’s OK to be feeling scared, angry or out of control; but then ask yourself: How can I best take care of myself right now – mentally, emotionally and physically?  Be kind to yourself.

To overcome and balance my deep fears that are being triggered, I have focused on the things that I find are helping me.  These consist of:

  • starting the day with gratitude – this is my go to number one activity for shifting from a negative mindset
  • reminding myself that when I spend some quiet time alone and tune into my inner guidance – I know that I can creatively resolve perceived problems and issues that are coming my way.
  • reminding myself to take each day at a time, especially at the moment when the updates are changing on a daily basis.
  • choosing to watch the news only once per day
  • not indulging in negative chatter with others about impending doom, financial ruin and high mortality
  • reminding myself to live in this present moment, today.  Especially with it being spring, it is easily my favourite time of the year that I look forward to from October onwards!  I refuse to let this panic and fear ruin my savouring this precious time of the year.
  • reminding myself to relinquish my need and desire to control my life; to go with the flow of what changes are occurring for me and for the world and trusting that many positive things can emerge from this if we remember to be open and seek the positive.
  • reminding myself that I can be flexible, I can be creative, I can tap into my inner power and direct my life to where I wish to go whilst letting go of control of the details.
  • spend a few minutes each day visualising a wave of love, compassion and healing sweeping over this planet.
  • spending some time each day in silence – with a guided meditation to help me stay focused as my mind can be very busy with thoughts.
  • asking myself: can I help others today?  Can I be a listening ear for someone who is afraid without indulging or exacerbating their fear?

Please feel free to listen to my guided meditation: Turning anxiety into your strength.Or you may wish to listen to my 10 minute relaxing guided body scan if you feel the need to unwind.

“The key is to stay present!  Stay aware and stay open.  Face and listen to the fears and anxieties as they arise form within you…And then let them go, return to presence…to your breath…to laughter…to finding gratitude for the little blessings and silver linings already present in your life.  And listen to your inner guidance now.”  Melanie Beckler

What are you creating?  Where is your energy focused?  Keep asking yourself these questions.  You are a creative being.  Remember this.

I have created this list of affirmations which is now on the wall next to where I eat breakfast, to help anchor me early in the day, with the energy I wish to be working with:

  • By turning within, I connect to the source of my personal abundance.
  • I nourish my soul with silence.
  • Today I judge nothing.  I accept life as it is.
  • I am safe
  • I am grateful for….
  • I can creatively attract abundance into my life, by connecting with infinite source and following my inner guidance.
  • I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me.
  • I let go and trust.
  • I am letting go and living in the flow.
  • How can I serve?


Spring Equinox
I have been pondering the fact that this pandemic is triggering the darkest places of our minds and our negative thoughts, but we are also being offered the chance to have some quiet time, resting, communing with nature, possibly spending time with our close family, doing activities that we don’t normally have time for at this time of year – and this can potentially be quite nourishing and delightful.

This week is the spring equinox – which is when nature experiences the balance between light and dark.  It is a time of reflecting upon whether we are experiencing enough balance in our lives.  Could you use these uncertain and rapidly changing moments to reflect upon if there are changes that you could be making for yourself?  Many of us may have to make some large life changes – can you refocus upon what direction you would like these to go in for you?

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing”  Arundhati Roy