Are you waiting?

I was sitting in the sunshine in my garden noticing my thoughts and observed a sense of waiting.  Maybe I’ve always had it.  We do live in a society where there’s a sense of promise that in the future things will be better – when we have a better job, more money, a nicer partner, live in a bigger house or own a newer car.  But I do think this whole pandemic has definitely heightened this sense of waiting and uncertainty.  We are waiting to know what’s happening; waiting to find out when it will all be over; waiting to find out when the next rules and guidelines change so we can plan an event or book a holiday etc.

But we have to be very careful that we don’t miss our lives in the meantime – right now, today.  This is where we are living – the now.  The future is uncertain, it always has been, with or without a pandemic.

So what can you do right now to be present in today?  Can you stop and observe 3 conscious breaths to bring yourself back to the moment?  Or would some yoga or other physical exercise help ground you in the now?

The two guaranteed routes for bringing yourself into the moment are the breath or your physical body as they only live in the present moment.

Try bringing yourself into the now, right now.  This may help you relish and fully experience each day and each moment – you might be surprised how pleasant it is.