Are you struggling financially?

Do you know that you are a creative being?  You are creating your future life with the thoughts, beliefs and feelings you are giving out to the universe today.
How do you create an financially abundant future if you are struggling with money in the present moment?

I have a few suggestions:

1.  The number one technique has got to be practising gratitude.  This is a daily practice.  What you focus your               energy, time and attention on expands and creates your future life.  So if you keep your attention as much and as         frequently as possible on all you currently have in your life to feel grateful for, you will be magnetising more of             the same to you.

  1. Stop giving any attention to negative feelings and thoughts about money.  However, it is important to get control over your finances.  But you can do this in a practical way.  If you need help from someone else to get this sorted, then ask.  There are plenty of people around that are very organised with money and cash flow.  But once you have got systems in place, you then need to be very disciplined mentally and not allow yourself to catastrophise about your finances. Stop thinking negatively about money and your future immediately.3.  Use your imagination.  Imagine that this physical life you are living on planet earth is actually a dream.  In your dream world you can literally ask for anything you want or need and it comes to you.  Allow yourself to do this for your current reality.  Imagine it is a dream.  Visualise what you would love to come into your life, how you would like your life to look.  Allow yourself to feel the feelings you would be experiencing with this dream life.  Sit with this energy frequently.  Enjoy it. Allow it to seep into your energy field, your aura.

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Imagination is the language of the soul. Pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.’  Albert Einstein 

  1. As so many of our daily thoughts are unconscious, one of the ways to point our lives in a different direction is to change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. One technique for doing this is to listen to positive affirmations subliminally so they can soak into your unconscious mind.

Please listen to my recording “Positive affirmations for financial success”.    I would recommend you listen to these affirmations in the background as you are going about your day, as you are commuting, as you are walking the dog or in the few minutes before you fall asleep. Don’t pay too much attention to the words, just allow them to wash over you.

When you are walking the spiritual path in life, it can feel hard for some people to feel that they should also want more money.  Don’t feel that you should only ask for just enough money.  It is OK to want overflowing financial abundance and financial freedom. Having financial freedom and having an easier life for yourself helps you and all those around you. Don’t limit yourself from what you really want to attract financially.

‘Falling in love with wealth is hard for most people because they don’t see concentration as a form of love.  And maybe they don’t trust their own motivation.  But you can have lots of money and not fall into the egotistic trap of power and possessions.  You might want the money to fund creativity and help others, you might want it for mobility or acquiring knowledge, or you might just want it so you and your mates can play and have fun, be light-hearted and worry-free.  There are many just and humble reasons for concentrating on money’ Stuart Wilde, author The Little Money Bible.

There is enough money in the world for everyone to be wealthy, and to abundantly have their physical needs met.  Financial freedom, and flow is a great thing to ask for.  It is challenging and draining for your energy field for you to spend a lot of time worrying about making ends meet each month. Money can certainly make aspects of your life easier.  So ask for what you need and more!

With love and support