Are you enjoying your journey through life?

Are you enjoying your journey through life?

Or are you always looking towards the next thing and not really present?  Are you missing your present moment life?

When you wake up do you spend a moment enjoying the comfort and warmth of your bed or are you starting to think/dread your day ahead?  Could you spend a moment and have a cuddle with your partner (if you have one) and feel appreciative of their support and companionship in your life?

When you have your shower, do you enjoy the stimulation of the hot water on your back and shoulders or are you planning your day ahead?

When you walk to work, or to your car/train/bus, can you bring your awareness to the sensations of your feet and hips as you walk.  Look up and notice the sky.  Feel the expansiveness of life about you.  Notice your breath, as it moves in and out of your body.

As you go about your day, can you appreciate positive aspects about your life?  Even if you are in a job you would prefer not to be in – can you appreciate the financial support this job gives you, can you appreciate having a warm space to work in, enough money and food to be able to eat today?

Are you living waiting for the next thing – the end of the working day, your dinner, the weekend, your next holiday, something that you are doing next week.

Can you bring presence into your present?  Can you bring gratitude into your now moment?

Look around and notice 3 things you feel grateful for.

Bring your awareness to your breath right now – and notice your next 3 breaths.

Bring your awareness to your physical body right now and see how it feels (with an interested curiosity – not judgement).

Be here now.  Be in the journey of your life and if possible enjoy it as much as you can.  This is where you live, not the future, not the past.