Do you feel like a victim of your circumstances?

Is it unfair?  Has something really difficult occurred?  Are things not going to plan?  Do you feel like you’re missing out?  Why do these things happen?

I think everybody has these feelings from time to time.  But this is a very disempowering place to hang out.  We have to remember that the Universe is on our side.  “We live in a friendly universe” Einstein

When things feel like they’re not going to plan – they are – but not to the plan that we had in our head.  They are going to the “divine” plan.  To live a more peaceful life, we have to acknowledge that there is A LOT that we don’t know.  For things to occur, a lot of things/situations/people/activities have to line up in synchronicity.  There is no chaos here.  There are reasons why things happen and we don’t and can’t always (and may never) know what these reasons are.

However, if you learn to accept that what comes to you into your life experience, has for some reason, be called into your life for you to live through, for your personal growth and journey, then you can learn to let go of the frustration, disempowerment, anger, victim mentality and trust that this is for the best.

If we can change a situation that we unhappily find ourselves in then great, go do it!  However, if there is nothing we can do, we will ultimately have more peace of mind if we learn to accept the occurrence.  For example, if we lost a loved one, especially if it has been an untimely/shocking death.  Nothing we can do will bring them back.  However, looking back to this situation in years to come, you will see that this horrible experience has shaped your life in ways that you couldn’t have foreseen.  We can get many positives from any “negative” situation.

All of us, as human beings, experience things in our lives that we would never choose to experience at one time or another.  Our  peace of mind and health and well-being are dependent on how we respond to these experiences.

If you lose your job and this comes as a terrible shock, we can look back and see the changes that have occurred in our life due to this, which can be incredibly positive but which we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to experience.

Sometimes coming from a background where circumstances have been very challenging gives us an inner strength, or a deeper compassion for the pain and suffering of others.  And we rise to the challenge of making something positive from our lives, and often through this process, by helping others to lift too.

Every day we are making choices, however seemingly small about different things in our lives, including how we feel about our life circumstances and how much we can do to change them, if that is even a possibility.  We have choices about how we perceive unpleasant experiences.  Being a victim is one such perception.  However, acceptance and focussing on the good that can come out of these situations is a more positive and empowering perspective to have.  Try it out!