Are you a good friend…to yourself?

Are you a good friend….to yourself?


Would you consider yourself to be a good friend?  Do you support others when they’re feeling sad or upset?  Do you reassure your friends when they’re feeling worried?  Do you give them space to vent their anger or frustration when something has made them feel cross?  Are you a good listening ear when they are having a challenging time?


And how about to yourself?  How do you treat yourself when you are feeling anxious, low or upset sad?  Do you get cross with yourself for having these feelings?  Do you feel like you shouldn’t be feeling this way?  Do you have high expectations of yourself?  What happens if you don’t fulfil these expectations?  Do you aim to eat well and exercise regularly but then get annoyed at yourself if you don’t do these things? Could you be kinder to yourself?


Could you look at yourself with friendly, compassionate eyes?  Could you view yourself as you do your good friends when they’re struggling with life?  Do you say to your friends: “Its ok, you did your best” or “Don’t be so hard on yourself” or “I’ll support you through this” or “Life can be hard at times, you need to take time to rest and relax, why not book yourself a massage?”  How often do you say these things to yourself?


Can you offer yourself an attitude of kindness, friendliness and an interested curiosity to what difficulties and challenges you are feeling or experiencing?  Instead of berating yourself, can you offer yourself a loving, gentle and supportive concern?


Can you set yourself a plan to eat better, to exercise more, or to relax, rest and nourish yourself and congratulate yourself when you achieve this, but forgive yourself if you don’t?  Are there any ways you can be kinder to yourself today?


Please follow this link for a short guided meditation to help encourage an attitude of compassion to yourself.  This can be especially useful to use at those times when you are not feeling to kind and generous towards yourself.