5 top tips to improve your life from today

We all have good and bad days.  For no apparent reason, we can occasionally awake feeling positive, motivated and energetic.  Equally on other days, we can struggle to get up, feel negative from the get go, and then feel that our day goes from bad to worse. Make sure you take time to appreciate your good days – but what to do on your bad days?
I have compiled a list of my top 5 techniques that I recommend and use frequently that can potentially instantly improve your day.

Here are 5 easy techniques to start improving your life from today:

  1. Practise gratitude. Stop right now and think about 3 things in your life that you feel thankful for – it might be a supportive partner or friends, positive aspects of your physical health, the delicious and nourishing food you had for breakfast this morning or dinner last night, your hot shower, your job that pays your bills, or the sunshine on your face. What you focus on expands, so the more you focus your energy on things you feel grateful for, the more you will have in your life to feel grateful about. Do this exercise another 3-4 times a day, every day and notice your life change for the better. Starting your day with a gratitude practise is one of the most powerfully transformative things you can do, especially if you do it within the first 5 minutes of waking.
  2. Stop complaining! Period. Stop complaining about the weather, the state of the world, the politicians, your health, your looks, your friends and family! The universe returns to you the energy that you give out the most frequently: the more you complain, the more you will have to complain about. Make a commitment to stop complaining from today.
  3. Help others. One of the quickest ways to feel more positive and happier is to help others in whatever way you can. Give way to someone on the road; smile at or exchange a kind word with a stranger on the street; donate to a charity you like with either time, money or by spreading their word; perform random acts of kindness whenever you can without expecting anything in return. Enjoy the feelings that helping others gives you.
  4. Practise meditation. Take a bit of time out for yourself each day, ideally twice per day. Just stop right now, close your eyes, and notice your next 3 breaths. Bring your awareness to where you feel your breath the most in your body – this may be in your nostrils, your chest or your belly. Increase the time you spend in meditation when you feel ready. You may wish to listen to my free meditations on my website – 3 minute and 10 minute breath meditations. https://www.elainegibbons.co.uk/meditation/.
  5. Do what you love. Partake in an activity or experience you love every day. This may be chatting to a friend, eating something delicious, listening to some music, having a singalong in the car, walking the dog, cuddling the cat. Aim to increase the amount of things and the amount of time you spend each day doing things that you love.