Live your life with passion. Be brave!

Our fears and doubts can sometimes overwhelm us. But we are creative beings and have incredible potential. Pursue your dreams with so much vigour and passion that your fears are quietened down. Each day, work towards changing your life in a positive way in the direction of achieving your dreams. This might be doing some … Read more

Being thankful every day

Gratitude can literally turn your life around. Waking up and being grateful for all you have around you shifts you into the best mood to start your day. If you then continue to notice all you have around you that you can be thankful for at various points throughout the day, can turn your life … Read more

Let go and receive!

One of the first steps for living your dream life, is working out exactly how your dream life looks. ¬†Focus your mind on not just the “things” you may wish to receive but more than that, the thoughts and feelings you want to be having. ¬†Get clear on the “essence” of what you think these … Read more

Listen to your passion and joy!

By choosing to follow your joy and passion, you are responding to your intuitive nudges to live the life of your dreams. But courage is necessary. We don’t live in a society that encourages us to follow our dreams, to enjoy our lives, to live passionately and with motivation. However, this is how we can … Read more